Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Some of my cooking expierments

So here is the mango cucumber salad/salsa I made, it was pretty good with the enchiladas.
My scones did not come out as well as I wanted but they are still good... and I had to chop the chocolate into chocolate chips...

I think I counted 23 people in the back of the truck but I think there were more...

Some people hike miles to go to church so they all try to get a ride back from Marvin in his little truck. It's crazy how many people fit in his truck...

The nurse from San Antonio Valle


Church in the jungle mountains

Saturday & Sunday 
Saturday Dennis was coming in and I wanted to make sure that Cristina could focus as translator and participant with Dennis and Marvin, so I put my self  in charge of cooking/ cleaning.
I actually started Friday night with making chicken stock/ chicken for my meals.
I also thought I would make some sweet breakfast bread forgeting Dennis is not eating bread. ¡Oops! 
So I made scones and started making scones and chocolate chip cookies.
Keren one of the local girls who I have worked with came by bus from carizal to visit. She helped me make some pico de gallo.
I made everyone chicken quesadillas for lunch, all the while trying to get everything ready for dinner.
For dinner I made chicken pot pie. And the struggle is real trying to make food you have made tons of times in the US but no measuring cups oh an no internet to find out the different conversions. And things just don't cook like they should, I'm pretty sure they add something to the butter here even if they say it's from cows.
So my biscuits didn't really work well but they tasted fine. 
Cristina, Marvin and Dennis were so into thier conversation. Keren, ariselly, and I ate and cleaned up waiting for them. I say and joined the conversation and eventually they looked up and asked how long till dinner and I told them it had been done for a while, I had made appetizers but they had had their conversation in the living room. Oh well snack food for the next couple days.
I woke up early still exhausted from all this cooking, made eggs for everybody and started on lunch. I was making enchiladas. But the main problem is that there is no enchilada sauce at the stores, and we checked all of the supermercados. So I was experimenting. I found some chipotle paste and some tomatillo salsa. So I mixed some tomato paste, chipotle paste, chicken stock and some flour. I cooked it for a while and got the correct consistency I wanted. I then did the same with the green sauce just no tomatoe paste. It actually worked out well and everyone loved the enchiladas.

So after all this cooking was time To go to Valle(y) and San Antonio village churches. The drive to Valle was fun cause we were in Dennis's rental car that had great 4wheel drive. 
When we got there the children were about to start the Sunday school it was amazing to see how the children take care of their bibles. Many of them had the Bible's wrapped in plastic with very few having them in plastic ziploc. 
Marvin continues to feel sick, I keep telling him to rest but he has so much to do with his ministries. But he did find someone to preach for him, Milagros!
Milagros is a boy who has led worship for us over the pat few years and did attend the children's home back in the day. And he will be getting married ina couple of weeks! Well he did a great job preaching! He was very passionate and he preached biblically. He has grown into a great young man!
After Valle we drove to San Antonio for Pastor Carlos' church. Dennis was preaching here and as soon as the rain stopped the bugs came out. When we got there is when Pastor Carlos was installing the lightbulbs, they only install them for services cause there is no on and off switch and they want to preserve the lightbulbs. I happened to be sitting under a light and the bugs flew everywhere! As I continued to kill/ brush off the bugs I kept telling myself that nothing is as bad as the sausage fly incident of '07 in Kenya. But let's just say that there were a lot of dead bugs in my clothing when we got home that night.
Dennis did great preaching about ones calling. They had baby dedications aftwards done by Marvin, and it was great!
Afterwards we said good by to Milagros and gave him a wedding present, my old suitcase and some household items. He said his heart is content. :) i here village weddings are big and I am bummed I am missing it by a week!
Our way back was slow through the mountains with fog/mist and the rental cars lights did not work well. But we got home ok, all of our shoes covered in mud and our clothes in dead bugs. 
It was a good long day and as we were sitting around the counter eating the lights went out, so we got to experience some more village life. Life with no electricity. I am so glad my flashlight from last years trip was still in my bag!

Prison and errands

Today we were a bit lazy getting started. But eventually we got going. Cristina is starting to get sick now. But we trek on...
We headed to the bank and the market to get things before heading to the prison. The heavy rains started while we were at the market so we hung out at the market until the stopped. So this time we went to the prison we wouldn't have to slush through all the water. We had the Bible study at the prison out in their cooking area so only 5 of the ten girls attended but then there were two who were cooking so I hoped that they were listening also. I bought bananas for them all and the were they very appreciative. Unless their family rings them food their rations from the prison is beans and rice and corn for tortillas. The old lenca worman had another huge smile. She is funny but it's always nice seeing the big old smile even in the prison. 
Our bible study was interrupted for a guard to put a guy in isolation. Because isolation used to just be by the woman's area but sense they enclosed it more it is in the women's prison area. If the guy want a to go to the bathroom he has to call out to the gaurds to let him out. It's just crazy. 
After the prison we headed back to the store and closed up. And on to the next!

The town always seems bigger when when driving and traffic...

Thursday was a slow day. It was one of Cristina's employees day off so she had to be at the store all day. Currently the internet did not work at her house so going to her store did not seem so bad. It just made for a very long day. 
After getting breakfast from the market, badeas I'm pretty sure that is not how they are spelled. Badeas are flour tortilla with beans eggs avocado and montaquilla which is a sweet sour cream. They are very good and after we ordered one of the workers had to go buy the avacados because many people do not pay extra for the eggs and avacados normally just beans and cheese. 

I was able to communicate with my family and get some posting done.
Cristina's accountant came by and talked with me. He is very talkative but I am also able to understand his accent better than others.

Cristina needed to buy some high blood pressure medications for one of our village pastors, so we hiked down to downtown from her shop at the bus stop, by car it would have taken us 10 ish minutes maybe a bit more for parking and it took us about 8 minutes waking! It always seemed so far with traffic but I definitely have more mud on my clothes but we got down there and back quick so didn't leave ariselly by herself at he store.

When we got back from the pharmacy the nurse ariselly was there. We have worked with her in previous years at her clinic in San Antonio Valle, her clinic was a 2/ 2.5 hour drive from Las Esperanza and always had really muddy roads, sometimes the buses would not be able to handle them. She has now moved to a different clinic that is in need more. We gave her some of our medication that would be expiring and I gave her some medical supplies that my work had donated. She was very excited for the supplies from my work and the medications. I hope we will be able to do another brigade and go to the new village. We like to go wherever the need is the greatest.